linda slade
contemporary abstract artist

my somewhat chaotic relationship with oil paint began about six years ago with a chance remark by a writer who said, “All this colour in your fiction, you should paint.”

It is the colour, the texture, where edges meet, the process itself rather than the subject which engages me. The spontaneity of an image can surprise me and sometimes I see landscape emerging in my paintings, just as you see glimpses whilst travelling. At other times, standing still, staring, I see landscape as a painting and thus want to go back to my studio. Of course the painting rarely develops as I envisage and perhaps this is why I continue to strive to balance the energy, the tension between movement and stillness.

As one of my favourite painters, Pierre Bonnard wrote, “When you cover a surface with colours, you must be able to renew your work indefinitely, ceaselessly discovering new combinations of forms and colours.”

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